Introductory Letter

Dear colleagues:

The Department of Thermal Engineering of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Niš and the Society of Thermal Engineers of Serbia, continuing scientific research in the field of Energetics–Efficiency–Ecology, organize the International Symposium on Thermal Science and Engineering of Serbia–SIMTERM 2017, under the patronage of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia. It is expected that SIMTERM 2017 will gather researchers, engineers, experts, representatives of local and central government and companies from Serbia and abroad, interested in the exchange of scientific and practical information and experience from the thematic fields.

In the past years, economy has shifted towards market economy, private ownership, and intensive foundation (establishment) of small and medium enterprises. In the strategy of scientific and technological development of the Republic of Serbia, the greatest attention is given to investing in science and technology, which is the only way for Serbia to establish a sustainable society and economy, with the focus on implementing the results from basic and applied research. Market orientated research will have priority in the future, and its contribution will be measured by the increase in GDP.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia funds research projects in the field of energy and energy efficiency, among others. SIMTERM 2017 will be the opportunity for project leaders and other researchers to publish their results and to point out (show) how they could be used in practice.

After the additional review, chosen papers are going to be published in the journals: Thermal Science, Facta Universitatis Series Mechanical Engineering, and Termotehnika.

The International Symposium with the accompanying exhibition of equipment and achievements, under title:

Energy – Efficiency – Ecology

will be held in Sokobanja, on October 17–20, 2017.

We are inviting you and looking forward to your participation in the 18th Symposium on Thermal Science and Engineering of Serbia.

Dr. Mirjana Laković Paunović

President of the Organizing Committee